HazMat Shipping

Sandy Brae sells three products which are classified as Dangerous Goods (DG) These products are Reagent A, the analog Water Test Kit and the digital Water Test Kit.  

If a product is DG, it must ship as HazMat.  In the USA, we can only ship DG by UPS Ground. That means that we can not ship UPS Next Day,  Two Day or Three Day service.

If we ship HazMat by UPS Ground, you will be charged the regular ground service fee plus UPS will tack-on $44 for HazMat. The $44 is the HazMat fee and is applied only once per shipment.

There is only one HazMat fee per shipment regardless if we ship one bottle or 10 bottles of Reagent A. The HazMat fee is listed separately from the shipping cost.

UPS air to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, add $146 for HazMat

Dangerous Goods shipment to Mexico will only go by DHL Express. Again, you will pay the regular DHL Express fee plus the DHL HazMat adder of $120 per shipment. The DHL HazMat fee is listed separately from the freight fee.