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The following files are in the Adobe Acrobat PFD.
Defoamant A - Part # 01-DEFOAMANT-A
Defoamant B - Part # 01-DEFOAMANT-B
Reagent A, Water Test Kit - Part # 01-REAGENT-A
Reagent B, Water Test Kit, Solvent - Part # 01-REAGENT-B

Please call 302-456-0446 for the SDS's for all Dyes.
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SDS: Safety Data Sheets
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Instructions & Labels

HM: Reagent A is the chemical compound Calcium Hydride (CaH2).  Calcium Hydride is classified as Dangerous Goods or HazMat.  Reagent A is part of the Water Test Kits or you can order Reagent A refills by themselves.  Any order which contains a Water Test Kit or refill box of Reagent A, MUST be shipped as HazMat, no exceptions. In the USA, the most common means of shipping Reagent A is by UPS ground service.  UPS will not fly Reagent A or a Water Test Kit.  Thus do not expect us to ship Next Day, Two Day, or Three Day service via UPS.  In addition to the regular charge for UPS ground service from us to your location, UPS tacks on another $44 Test Kits, there is just one HazMat fee of $44 for the shipment.  The same is true with Reagent A refills.  One bottle or ten bottles requires one HazMat fee per shipment.  If you order one Water Test Kit and an extra bottle of Reagent A, there is just one HaszMat fee per shipment.


One HazMat charge has been added to the cost of a Water Test Kit or a bottle of Reagent A.  

FedEx will fly Reagent A or a Water Test Kit for an outrageous price:  Estimated to be between $190 to $225.  FedEx will only take the HazMat on their Priority Over Night Service.  To add insult to injury, even though you have paid for next day delivery, FedEx will not guarantee next day delivery.  Because it is HazMat, you will get it when it gets there.  No refunds from FedEx for non-next day delivery.

Hazmat Shipping
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