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Sandy Brae Laboratories
Dyes & Petroleum Testing Equipment
3 South Tatnall Street
Wilmington, DE 19801 USA
Tel: 1-302-456-0446
Fax: 1-302-456-0441
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Sandy Brae manufactures the Water Test Kit which is used to test the water content of fluids such as oils, fuels, and biodiesel. The Water Test Kits can be modified to test glycerine, polyalkaline glycol, brake fluid, and other solvents. Call us to discuss your special needs.  

 We also have eight colors of dyes for coloring oil, fuels, and biodiesel. You can use the dyes for product identification or leak detection. Our Defoamants A & B are used to treat foaming hydraulic and circulating oils.  

We carry instruments for oil testing such as the Visgage, Vac-Pump, filter patch test, and Field Test Kits. Call us to discus what equipment will fulfill you needs.

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We have Defoamants and eight colors of dyes  for hydraulic & circulating oils.
Water Test Kits are used to determine the water contamination of fuels, oil, and biodiesel
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