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Test Equipment
Items used to pull samples and test your fluids
The VISGAGE checks oil viscosity on-site; without thermometers or stop watches. The VISGAGE can be used to check any oil from light spindle oil to heavy gear oils. The VISGAGE is probably the most useful instrument ever devised to aid in a used oil analysis program. Quality control can be assured when the VISGAGE is regularly utilized to verify oil viscosities. The principle of operation is simple. It is based on comparing the viscosity of a sample of oil with oil of known viscosity. An accuracy of 95% or better is easily achieved when making tests. The VISGAGE is more widely used throughout the world than any other type of viscometer, for two very good reasons, better accuracy and easier operaton. The use of the VISGAGE is ideal for obtaining immediate test results.
Model #38: Range of 0 to 400 CST (Recommended range for reading approximately 8 to 200 CST)
Model #76: Range of 0 to 400 CST (Recommended range for reading approximately 20to 400 CST)
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The filter patch test enables you to quickly identify various levels of contamination and wear debris so that corrective maintenance actions can be scheduled.  We offer an inexpensive and simple procedure.  It requires just three items: filter patches, a filter holder, and a syringe.  For a complete field testing solution, see the Field Test Kit listed below.  Details Below! 
The Field Test Kit (shown with the optional infrared heat gun), is primarily intended for sales and maintenance personnel to analyze oil samples on-site. The contents of the kit enables the user to report the presence of solid contaminants via the filter patch test, and water percentage via the Water Test Kit, plus measure the viscosity of the oil and operating system temperatures. With this information, your personnel can analyze the oil condition and determine if further comprehensive lab analysis is required. Included in this kit is a Visgage, oil sampling pump with five feet of tubing, four sample bottles, one bottle each of red dye, green dye, hydraulic oil defoamant and circulation oil defoamant, Water Test Vessel, 10 ml polyethylene syringe, 30 ml polyethylene syringe, one bottle of Calcium Hydride (Reagent A) for the water test, a 10 ml pipette, filter holder, 100 (5 micron) filter patches for determining the level of particulate contaminants, 0-220 F armored thermometer, 8-inch adjustable wrench, screwdriver, 30X to 100X power magnifier, magnet, tweezers and three filter patch folders. The Field Test Kit comes with a rigid oil resistant foam dye-cut insert and carrying case. Details Below!

The Vac-Pump is a small, hand-operated vacuum pump which has brought a new level of performance to fluid sampling. Its durability, simplicity, versatility and ease of operation gives it a distinct advantage over competitive models. The Vac-Pump draws a vacuum of 27 inches of Hg (Mercury). The patented tube coupling device accepts any size sampling tube (with an outside diameter of 3/16" through 5/16") without changing fittings. The sampling tube is inserted through the coupling device until the lower end extends below the top of the sample bottle. When the knurled knob is turned to tighten the seal, the vacuum will draw fluid directly into the bottle without coming in contact with the pump. This patented feature allows multiple samples to be taken without cleaning the pump between samples.  The Model 38X accepts sample bottles with 38 mm threads.  Details Below!

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